Sunday, April 5, 2009

No fear

So today I said goodbye to my church family here in Detroit. I got sooo many hugs but it was expected. My pastor prayed over me and I received some encouraging words from him and many others. I'm sad I won't be here for Resurrection Sunday next week (I leave Saturday).

Among the many things that my pastor said was that God is with me wherever I go. He told me to read Joshua 1:4-9 and Joshua had just received a word from God to go take the land that they are to possess after Moses had died. It was something so simple, yet something I had forgotten lately.

I''m prepared to go on this journey, but knowing that God is with me. It's about who you are and not what you do. Who you are will determine what you do. I would get down on myself at times because I felt like I wasn't doing enough for God.

But it's not about busy busy busy busy for Christ. You will do good works, but it's about being conformed to the image of Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Long time no see! First Xanga, now Blogger lol.

But I pray you have a blessed and safe journey.