Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm back!!

So it's been awhile and I can't explain it other than, I just haven't been writing or haven't felt like like. Simple as that. It may also have to do with a new development in my life...

I am headed to teach English in South Korea this month (hopefully)

The more detailed reasons for this and my whole progress can be found at my other blog

As for this blog, I will try to post continually as there have been subjects I have been wanting to give my thoughts but as I said above, I either don't feel like it, or something distracts my attention.

The old church situation has been getting better day by day. I think about it less and less, but it does not help when a lot of the people that I used to hang with are on facebook (and I love facebook), and they keep inviting me to the church events. Now I know how the event process works on facebook and most people usually just invite their whole friends list because it's too time consuming to go down the list invite people individually. So I'm not mad, but it doesn't help the process in trying to move on.

I only stay in contact with one person at the church consistently...and by consistently I mean once or twice a month.

My church here has been back and forth. I don't know if I said this in posts before, but I lean more towards the reformed side of the faith now. So of course not being in a reformed church, there are gonna be times when I disagree with things. The things is, I thought I could deal with those minor differences, but that is not holding true.

And people would like to say "We need unity!"..."We need to put aside our differences and unite as one body of Christ!"...and that is true...but unity without truth is pointless and unfruitful.

So yes I will delve more into that issue more, and as I said, there are a range of topics I would like to talk about. God bless.

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