Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ahhhhhh!!!...the election

I've taken a little break but I'm back for the time being. On Friday I will be heading back (Lord willing) to Virginia for my college homecoming. It's my first homecoming as a college grad!! woohoo!! I'm looking forward to hanging out and talking with a couple of my friends who left my former church. I sense a VERY long conversation in the works. And it'll be very interesting if I run into anyone from the church. I don't expect a long conversation.

But ANYWAYS...this election stuff.

I am really at wits end on this election. First I have christian friends voting for Obama and christian friends chastising the christians voting for obama.

I can understand abortion. It's horrible.

I'm not in favor of same sex marriages.

But I am sick and tired of christians acting like these are two HUGE sins greater than any other sins in the world. It's never brought up among the christians who tout Obama as the anti christ or w/e, that McCain committed adultery.

On a forum I check in on from time to time...I don't post there because it has gone so far off the deep end, almost 50% of the threads are about Obama and how he is the most evil man on the planet.

I still don't know who I'm voting for but please I am tired of all this stuff of "Jesus wouldn't vote Obama" or "Jesus wouldn't vote McCain", because truth be told, I think he wouldn't have voted for either one. His agenda wasn't to advance the law on everyone and take over the politcal offices of His day, but it was to bring salvation to God's sheep whom He was sent to save.

I'm not saying we as christians don't care about politics or what's going on in the political realm, but the political realm is not meant for us to advance our own christian agenda on the whole country. God's Kingdom is not of this world. Use wisdom in your vote if you haven't voted already and pray about and go with your own convictions. You want abortion to stop? Spread the Gospel. That is what will really change lives.


getting there said...

Hey Laid back Christian. All the best on voting. it is tough in any country to vote and all politicians have alternative agendas and motives, most of them lie just to get the vote. I have no idea who would be the best either.. but the world has to go through the motions for the second coming Of Jesus and there is nothing we can do to fix this fallen world only Jesus can.

Leonard said...

Caught you lurking at a mutual friends, she's got one of those, Feedjit gizmo's. Enjoying your thoughts.
Thanks you for sharing your Journey.

Tabby said...

Romans 13:1 talks about how we should pray for our leaders because every single one of them are a part of God's plan for the world. Thank you for saying that because i feel like it's wrong for Christians to say either one of those things. And i also agree with you on the spread the gospel thing. We do nothing for the Kingdom if we just sit here and complain and make a big noise about how this or that isn't fair and using the methods of this world to try and get our points across. If we want to see a change, then we must do it through Christ. If God comes first, everything else will fall into place :)